Fernando Manuel Bico Marques

Professor Catedrático

Perfil biográfico

F. Marques joined the Ceramics and Glass Eng. Dept., University of Aveiro, in 1979 as Lecturer. In 1999 became Full Professor.

Responsibilities held at departmental or university level include Chairman of the University Scientific Council (2006-2009), Vice-Rector (2002-2004), Scientific Coordinator - Research Unit on Ceramic Materials (1998-2001), Pro-Rector (1994-1996), and Head of Department - Ceramics and Glass Engineering (1992-1993).

F. Marques is frequently invited speaker, session chairman and member of scientific committees of international conferences, also member of the editorial board of international journals and referee for several dozens of international journals and research organizations.


Interesses científicos

The main research interest is the study of the relationships between composition, defect structure, working conditions, processing routes, and transport properties of materials usually identified as ionic conductors (mostly oxide-ion, carbonate-ion, sodium and protonic conductors), mixed conductors and electronic conductors. These materials are used in energy production, storage and conservation (e.g., sensors, permeating membranes and fuel cells).

Actividade pedagógica

A variety of courses with emphasis on Ceramics for Energy Conversion Systems, Instrumentation for Automatic Control, and Materials in Technology.


Advanced Electroceramics: Grain Boundary Engineering (Advanced Electroceramics)

Coordenador LocalEuropean Comission
The main objective of the COST Action 525 was to understand the role played by grain boundaries in controlling the manufacture, microstructure and properties of electronic ceramics. Components made out such materials have enhanced properties, improved stability and reduced unit cost. The Action revealed also new opportunities for existing and de...

Desenvolvimento de novas ferrites com estrutura em camadas e condutividade mista iónica-e electrónica para aplicação como fontes alternativas de energia (PTDC/CTM/64357/2006)

ParticipanteFundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Mixed conductors Ceramic membranes SOFC electrodes Ionic Transport

Desenvolvimento de novos condutores com condução por iões intersticiais para separação de oxigénio e conversão de hidrocarbonetos (POCI/CTM/59197/2004)

ParticipanteFundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Condutores mistos iónico-electrónico condutividade iónica permeabilidade ao oxigénio oxidação parcial de hidrocarbonetos

Desenvolvimento e validação de novos métodos de análise de mecanismos de transporte iónico em redes cristalinas complexas de óxidos e de previsão de parâmetros determinantes do desempenho destes materiais (PTDC/CTM-CER/114561/2009)

ParticipanteFundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
migração iónica Defeitos pontuais dinâmica molecular espectroscopia Mossbauer

Design de materiais termoeletricos avancados por efeitos redox: Progressos para aplicacoes de alta temperatura . (REMOTE)

ParticipanteFundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

Electrolise de vapor a alta temperatura assistida por despolarizacao com carvao (CARBOSTEAM)

ParticipanteFundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

Emissão Zero de CO2: um desafio e uma visão para membranas funcionais inovadoras, multi-iónicas (CO2zero)

CoordenadorFundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

Improving Hydrogen Energy Knowledge Around Europe Union (KnowledgeH2)

Coordenador LocalEuropean Comission
In this project, creating new educational materials related with hydrogen energy in the other name hydrogen economy which is not developed yet, to improve knowledge is aimed. For this purpose, created video and audio files, tests and texts is being tried to disseminate by website. Hence, 10 partner foundation and institution employees from diffe...

Long Lasting reinforced Concrete for Energy Infrastructure under Severe Operating (LORCENIS)

ParticipanteEuropean Comission
The main goal of the LORCENIS project is to develop long reinforced concrete for energy infrastructures with lifetime extended up to a 100% under extreme operating conditions. The concept is based on an optimal combinationof novel technologies involving customized methodologies for cost-efficient operation. 4 scenarios of severe oper...

NANOCELL - Electrólitos Nanocompósitos para pilhas de combustível de temperatura intermédia (PTDC/CTM/098486/2008)

CoordenadorFundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
nanocompósitos electrólitos cerâmicos pilhas de combustível

NANOCOFC - Enhancement of research capabilities on multi-functional Nanocomposites for advanced fuel cell Technology through EU-Turkish-China Cooperation (NANOCOFC)

CoordenadorEuropean Comission
The project aims to enhance research capacities on nanotechnology, multi-functional materials and advanced applications. Material innovations and advances are created on the multi-functional nano-composites concerning superionic conduction; hybrid H+/O2-conduction; nano-composite ionics; and next generation fuel cell technology.

Nanomateriais compósitos multifuncionais para pilhas de combustivel de baixa temperatura (NANOMFC )

Coordenador LocalFundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
electrólitos; pilhas de combustível; compósitos; transporte iónico

Novas membranas cerâmicas para produção de gás de síntese (POCI/CTM/58570/2004)

ParticipanteFundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Condutores Mistos Membranas Cerâmicas Gás de Síntese Transporte Iónico

Novel approach to Power-to-Fuel: comprehensive studies of anodic processes in Direct Carbon Solid Oxide Fuel-assisted Electrolysis Cell (DC-SOFEC)

ParticipanteOther International

Novos Materiais Compósitos de Carbonatos Fundidos/Cerâmicos p/ tecnologias Energéticas Sustentáveis c/ Captura e Utilização de CO2 (MOCO3)

Coordenador LocalFundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
The MOCO3 project focuses on the development of novel composite materials consisting of molten carbonates infiltrated in a solid matrix as functional materials in intermediate temperature fuel cells and CO2 selective membranes. MOCO3 addresses performance and lifetime of these systems by focusing on materials engineering at all length scales (at...

Produtos e Tecnologias Inovadores a partir do Eucalipto (InPacTus)

ParticipanteIndustry National
O projecto Inpactus, visa desenvolver novas soluções, tais como pastas celulósicas com características inovadoras, novos produtos de papel com diferentes especificidades e funções, papel tissue com propriedades inovadoras, novos bioprodutos, biocombustíveis e outros mat...

SGH : Smart Green Homes (Smart Green Homes)

ParticipanteIndustry National
O Projeto Smart Green Homes (SGH) visa desenvolver soluções integradas de produtos e tecnologias para ambiente doméstico, elevando os padrões de conforto, segurança e satisfação de utilização a um novo nível e, ao mesmo tempo, dar resposta aos problemas de sustentabilidade do planeta, aumentando a eficiência energética e diminuindo as emissões d...

SOFCNET - Thematic network on solid oxide fuel cell technology (SOFCNET)

Coordenador LocalEuropean Comission
This proposal suggests the establishment of the thematic network SOFCNET. The objective of SOFCNET is the support and acceleration of European industrial development. By bringing together all types (from universities to end users) of SOFC involved organisations in Europe, the network promotes knowledge exchange, a better understanding of industr...

Solucao de Engenharia Microestrutural para Aumentar o Transporte Ionico Interfacial (MERIT)

CoordenadorFundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia


Performance of GDC with alkali metal carbonates as sintering aids

Grilo, JPF; Macedo, DA; Nascimento, RM; Marques, FMB
ISBN: 1872-7689

Silver coated cathode for molten carbonate fuel cells

Lysik, A; Wejrzanowski, T; Cwieka, K; Skibinski, J; Milewski, J; Marques, FMB; Norby, T; Xing, W
ISBN: 1879-3487

Electronic conductivity in Gd-doped ceria with salt additions

Grilo, JPF; Macedo, DA; Nascimento, RM; Marques, FMB
2019, ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 318, 977-988.
ISBN: 1873-3859

A combined structural, microstructural and dilatometric analysis of MgPSZ

Rondao, AIB; Soares, MR; Tobaldi, DM; Ferreira, A; Labrincha, JA; Marques, FMB

Screening of electrode materials and cell concepts for composite ceria plus salt electrolytes

Jamale, AP; Marques, FMB

Assessment of NiO-CGO composites as cermet precursors

Grilo, JPF; Macedo, DA; Nascimento, RM; Marques, FMB
2018, SOLID STATE IONICS, 321, 115-121.

On the electrochemical properties of Mg-PSZ: an overview

Rondao, AIB; Muccillo, ENS; Muccillo, R; Marques, FMB
ISBN: 1572-8838

Response to comments on "Ionic transport in (Nano)composites for fuel cells, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 41 (2016) 7666-7675" Mishandling of literature data on ionic conductivity enhancement in oxide plus salt composites

Rondao, AIB; Martins, NCT; Patricio, SG; Marques, FMB
ISBN: 1879-3487

Effect of composition on the structural development and electrical conductivity of NiO-GDC composites obtained by one-step synthesis

Grilo, JPF; Moura, CG; Macedo, DA; Rajesh, S; Figueiredo, FML; Marques, FMB; Nascimento, RM
2017, CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL, 43, 12, 8905-8911.
ISBN: 1873-3956

Composite CO2 separation membranes: Insights on kinetics and stability

Patricio, SG; Papaioannou, EI; Ray, BM; Metcalfe, IS; Marques, FMB
2017, JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE, 541, 253-261.
ISBN: 1873-3123

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