Ana Sofia Matias da Silva

Assistant Researcher

Ongoing Supervisions



Biomaterials for drug delivery patches

Santos, LF; Correia, IJ; Silva, AS; Mano, JF

Tuneable spheroidal hydrogel particles for cell and drug encapsulation

Bjorge, IM; Costa, AMS; Silva, AS; Vidal, JPO; Norega, JM; Mano, JF
2018, SOFT MATTER, 14, 27, 5622-5627.

Aerosolizable gold nano-in-micro dry powder formulations for theragnosis and lung delivery

A. SofiaSilva, Ana M.Sousa, Renato P.Cabral, Marta C.Silva, Clarinda Costa, Sónia P.Miguel, Vasco D.B.Bonifácio, Teresa Casimiro, Ilídio J.Correia, Ana Aguiar-Ricardo
2017, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 519, 1-2.

Supercritical CO2-Assisted Spray Drying of Strawberry-Like Gold-Coated Magnetite Nanocomposites in Chitosan Powders for Inhalation

Marta C. Silva, Ana Sofia Silva, Javier Fernandez-Lodeiro, Teresa Casimiro, Carlos Lodeiro and Ana Aguiar-Ricardo
2017, Materials Horizons, 10, 1-2.

Nano‐in‐Micro POxylated Polyurea Dendrimers and Chitosan Dry Powder Formulations for Pulmonary Delivery

Rita B. Restani, A. Sofia Silva, Rita F. Pires, Renato Cabral, Ilídio J. Correia, Teresa Casimiro, Vasco D. B. Bonifácio, Ana Aguiar-Ricardo
2016, Particle & Particle Characterization, 33, 11, 851-858.

Design of experiments approach on the preparation of dry inhaler chitosan composite formulations by supercritical CO2-assisted spray-drying

R.P.Cabral, A.M.L.Sousa, A.S.Silva, A.I.Paninho, M.Temtem, E.Costa, T.Casimiro, A.Aguiar-Ricardo
2016, The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 116, 26-35.

Nanogold POxylation: towards always-on fluorescent lung cancer targeting

A. Sofia Silva, Marta C. Silva, Sónia P. Miguel, Vasco D. B. Bonifácio, Ilídio J. Correia and Ana Aguiar-Ricardo
2016, RSC advances, 6, 33631-33635 .

Design of oligoaziridine-PEG coatings for efficient nanogold cellular biotagging

A. Sofia Silva, Vasco D. B. Bonifácio, Vivek P. Raje, Paula S. Branco, Paulo F. B. Machado, Ilídio J. Correia and Ana Aguiar-Ricardo
2015, RSC Advances, 519, 10733-10738 .

Sustainable strategies for nano-in-micro particle engineering for pulmonary delivery

A. Sofia Silva, Márcia T. Tavares & Ana Aguiar-Ricardo
2014, Journal of Nanoparticle Research volume, 16.

Novel Methodology Based on Biomimetic Superhydrophobic Substrates to Immobilize Cells and Proteins in Hydrogel Spheres for Applications in Bone Regeneration

Ana Catarina Lima, Patrícia Batista, Tiago A.M. Valente, A. Sofia Silva, Ilídio J. Correia, and João F. Mano
2013, Tissue Engineering Part A, 19.

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