Bioinspired tile-matching to create ultrastructured bone microtissues in a close-to-native fashion


The driving force behind TETRISSUE is inspired in the fundamentals of the native bone regenerative process and supported by a strong technological character to produce highly vascularized ultrastructured bone replacements. Its innovative character is mainly related with the integration of key elements working in tandem: (1) bioinstructive microplatforms will guide mesenchymal stem cell (MSCs) chondrogenesis and will originate (2) chondrogenic biotiles as endochondral ossification cartilaginous templates, which will be encapsulated with freely dispersed endothelial and extra MSCs in (3) liquefied capsules, aiming at developing an injectable and in situ strategy upon combination with (4) human-based pre-hydrogels, enriched with specific biomolecules and growth factors that will enable the recruitment of host vessels.

This innovative approach should bring bone tissue engineering up to the standard of care in regenerative medicine.”


Universidade de Aveiro (UA)




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