Ricardo Pinto
  phone: 916090289  
  extension: 33542  
  e-mail: r.pinto@ua.pt  
  department: Chemistry  
  group: 4 - biorefineries, biobased materials and recycling
  line: 3 - sustainability
  direct url: https://www.ciceco.ua.pt/RicardoJ.B.Pinto  
  research group: BioPol4fun  
Short CV

Ricardo Pinto was born in Alijó (Portugal) in 1981. RP is graduated in Chemistry in 2004 at University of Porto. When he finished his degree decided to participate in a European project (SUSTAINPACK) and take this opportunity to complete his MSc in Materials derived from Renewable Resources (2008) at the University of Aveiro. In December 2012 he finished his PhD in Chemistry working in the “Synthesis and characterization of Composites of Natural Polymers and Metallic Nanoparticles” at UA/CICECO. Currently, he is a Post-Doc researcher at CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials , the largest Materials Science Institute in Portugal. 

RP is the author/co-author of 1 book , 3 book chapters (1st author in two), 41 articles in international peer reviewed multidisciplinary high impact journals (SCOPUS, 1346 citations,  h-index 17 ). RP has 23 oral presentations and 25 posters in national/international meetings. RP has been collaborating as a scientific reviewer with several indexed journals and was already reviewed 40 articles. After finishing his PhD, he has supervised 3 MSc and 9 BSc students. Currently, he supervised 2 PhD and 1 BSc.

Scientific interests

Ricardo Pinto current scientific interests include the development of new green approaches for the biosynthesis of distinct nanostructures and their application in the preparation of functional biocomposites materials.


Bionanocomposites, Polymers from Renewable Resources, Metal Nanoparticles, Green synthesis.

present research group

Member of the Associate Laboratory CICECO in the Research Line 3 (Sustainability and Health) and research group 4 (Biorefineries,  Biobased Materials and Recycling).

Member of the BioPol4fun Group within the framework of CICECO.

selected publications

Pinto R.J.B., Lucas J.M.F., Morais M.P., Santos S.A.O., Silvestre A.J.D., Marques P.A.A.P., Freire C.S.R., Demystifying the morphology and size control on the biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles using Eucalyptus globulus bark extract, Ind. Crop. Prod., 2017, 105, 83-92.



Pinto R.J.B., Nasirpour M., Carrola J., Oliveira H., Freire C.S.R., Duarte I.F., “Antimicrobial properties and therapeutic applications of silver nanoparticles and nanocomposites” in Alexandru Mihai Grumezesc (Ed.), Nanostructures in Therapeutic Medicine, Volume 2: Nanostructures for Antimicrobial Therapy, Elsevier, 2016, pp. 223-259.



Santos S.A.O., Pinto R.J.B., Rocha S.M., Marques P.A.A.P., Pascoal Neto C., Silvestre A.J.D., Freire C.S.R., Unveiling the chemistry behind the green synthesis of metal nanoparticles, ChemSusChem20147, 2704-2711.  



Pinto R.J.B., Neves M.C., Pascoal Neto C., Trindade T., "Composites of cellulose and metal nanoparticles" in F. Ebrahimi (Ed.), Composites – New Trends and Developments, InTech: Rijeka, Croatia, 2012, pp. 73-96.



Pinto R.J.B., Marques P.A.A.P., Pascoal Neto C., Trindade T., Daina S., Sadocco P., Antibacterial activity of nanocomposites of silver and bacterial or vegetable cellulosic fibers, Acta Biomater. 20095, 2279-2289.


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