3D temperature mapping critical to understanding the nanoworld
funding type European Comission
programme ERC-2019-COG - ERC Consolidator Grant
alternative reference 865437
research group(s) 1 - inorganic functional nanomaterials and organic-inorganic hybrids;
department Physics (DF)
execution dates 2021-01-01 - 2025-12-31 ( 60 Months )
Nanometre-scale devices capable of measuring temperature variations at a molecular level are valuable in both fundamental and applied science. For example, they can quickly measure micromachine overheating or the temperature inside of a cell. Although they hold tremendous promise for many applications, their 2D resolution has been a limiting factor against their more widespread use. The EU-funded ThermoRise project will provide a route against this barrier by developing local nanoprobes with tailored magnetic properties that will record critical information about local temperature in 3D. In particular, the nanoprobes will record the most relevant temperature information instead of reading the present temperature value. The project's achievements will widen the range of applications of nanothermometers, allowing temperature measurement in confined environments and in non-transparent media.
/local pi
Nuno João Silva
ciceco status Coordinator
proponent institution Universidade de Aveiro (UA)
partner institution(s) no
industrial partner(s) no
international partner(s) no
total budget 1.988.354€
ciceco budget 1.988.354€
project code 3.89.319
link https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/865437