Development of a Premium Line of Sustainable Cristal Glass


Promoted by a consortium joined by Vista Alegre Atlantis, S.A. (leading promoter) and Universidade de Aveiro e a Universidade do Porto, the Cristal Ecpo Premium project has as an overall objective the development of a new line of sustainable crystal glass products with high added value, for the luxury packaging segment, through the development of new materials and manufacturing processes and study the impact of packaging on the sensory characteristics of beverages.

In addition to this general objective, a set of specific objectives are also highlight, namely: research of new crystal glass compositions; the study of the automation of the finishing process of parts in a cold area; the development of analytical and chemometric tools to control the chemical polishing process finishing in cold areas; and research and design of an organoleptic sensing system that allows knowledge of the impact of each phase of the production process on the sensory characteristics of its content (drink).

Main Local Researcher

Augusto Luís Barros Lopes


Vista Alegre Atlantis, S.A.


Universidade de Aveiro; Universidade do Porto


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