Development strategies in preventing superficial scald and internal browning in Rocha pear and quality assurance in long-term storage


Rocha pear sector deals with the difficult challenge posed by the European Union that bans the use of antioxidant "diphenylamine" (DPA). Without this antioxidant, Rocha pear (and some varieties of apples produced in Portugal) preservation during storage is reduced to three months, time when the symptoms of visual change of the fruits are more likely to occur.

The ReStoragePear project will develop alternative strategies on prevention and quality assurance during long-term storage and, above all, will develop prototypes with better formulations combined with existing storage conditions.

Main Local Researcher

Armando Jorge Domingues Silvestre


Coopval – Cooperativa Agrícola de Fruticultores do Cadaval


Universidade Católica Portuguesa; Universidade de Aveiro



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