Marine Origin Biopolymers as Innovative Building Blocks from the Sea for the Development of Bioresorbable Multilayered Membranes for guided bone regeneration
funding type Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
programme FCT/ERANET in Marine Biotechnology
alternative reference ERA-MBT/0002/2015
research group(s) 5 - biomedical and biomimetic materials;
department Chemistry (DQ)
execution dates 2017-04-03 - 2020-04-02 ( 36 Months )
Natural origin polymers from algae and arthropods can be obtained in large scale, and a great effort has been paid to find applications for such high-added value materials. Periodontal disease is frequent in humans and constitutes, together with dental caries, the principal cause of tooth loss in adults. Currently, one of the available treatment strategies for periodontal disease comprises the use of non-resorbable or resorbable membranes as barrier membranes for guided tissue/bone regeneration (GTR/GBR). Such membranes will act as a physical barrier to protect the defect site and to prevent soft tissue to reach the injured area, as well as “guide” the bone regeneration process. Several synthetic and natural membranes are currently being used for GTR/GBR to improve periodontal regeneration but, so far, complete regeneration has not yet been reported. In this concern, BLUETEETH intends to create a pioneering and innovative biocompatible and bioresorbable freestanding (FS) multilayered membrane that would address the limitations of the current ones, in terms of regeneration potential, by promoting an effective GTR/GBR to treat periodontal disease. Such multilayered membrane will have a special design and composition, thus allowing the spatiotemporal control of several parameters, including biocompatibility, biodegradability, mechanical performance, bioactivity and bioadhesion. This project attempts to develop the entire pipeline, bridging the isolation of the marine raw materials up to the final device, with expected improved medical performance and technical characteristics suitable to accelerate market entry.
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João Mano
ciceco status Coordinator
proponent institution Universidade de Aveiro (UA)
partner institution(s) University of Iceland (UI); Primex ehf (PRIMEX); University of Oslo (UiO)
industrial partner(s) yes
international partner(s) yes
total budget 1.005.000€
ciceco budget 200.000€
project code 3.89.245