Eggshell: a potential raw material for CEramic wall tiles


LIFE EggshellenCE mains to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of using eggshells, as secondary raw material, in the production of ceramic wall tiles. The success of the project will incur in economic benefits, for both the egg transformation and the ceramic industry, and environmental benefits as it will contribute to the implementation of the Waste Framework Directive (Directive 2008/98/EC) following the objectives and goals of the Roadmap for a Resource-Efficient Europe.

To achieve these goals, the objectives are the following:

- To demonstrate the valorisation process of eggshells in the ceramic tile production.

- To implement the circular economy concept through an industrial symbiosis between egg processing and ceramic companies (producers of ceramic pastes and tiles).

- To determine economic benefits for both sectors.

- To develop a prototype for the pre-treatment of eggshell, that separates the membrane from the eggshell by a simple and low-cost process.

- To develop a new business model for the egg transformation industry as a supplier for the ceramic industry.

- To verify the absence of environmental impact of the use of eggshells in the composition of ceramic wall tiles and, subsequently, on the wall tiles production as well as in the membrane separation process.

- To check the beneficial impact on the Life Cycle Assessment of the ceramic wall tiles.

- To transfer the acquired knowledge regarding the innovative valorisation scheme to the egg transformation industry and ceramic wall tiles and pastes producers.

- To foster social awareness related to the environmental problem caused by eggshells nowadays and the new situation after this project.

The project target also to make Europe resources more efficient, turning waste into a resource and making the eggshell a secondary raw material for the ceramic sector.


Funded by the LIFE 2014-2020 Environment and Climate Action Programme of the European Union (REF: LIFE19 ENV/ES/000121), with the support of IVACE of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Main Local Researcher

Maria Paula Seabra


Asociación de Investigación de las Industrias Cerámicas (AICE)




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