A água de salmoura como fonte sustentável de compostos para o desenvolvimento de produtos comerciais para aquacultura.


The objective of the project is to add-value to a by-product of the sea salt production, brine water, which until now has a residual commercial value. The objective of MARemPÓ project is to increase the impact of Necton's business through the development of 3 intermediate products resulting from the components (sulfated polysaccharides and salts) of brine water: 1) a microalgae concentrate supplemented with sulfated polysaccharides with immunostimulatory activity as food for fish in aquaculture (Immuno PhytoBloom); 2) a food additive for aquaculture containing polysaccharides that promote innate immunity of fish (Imuno4Fish); and 3) a powder formulation containing natural marine salts for use in aquaculture and aquarium, for the production of microalgae, corals and fish (Mar em pó). These products of high economic value due to their innovation will allow to expand the business achieving new customer segments and new international markets.

Main Local Researcher

Cláudia Nunes


Necton, S.A




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