A dry active bio signal electrode with an hybrid organic-inorganic interface material


The invention presented here is an bio signal electrode that is characterized by the use of an organic-inorganic sol gel derived hybrid skin to electrode interface material. Furthermore the incorporation of a buffering and signal processing circuit on a flexible PCB makes this electrode less prone to fluctuating skin to electrode interfacial impedance and thus reducing noise artifacts. The organic-inorganic hybrid interface material has never been used before in this type of application, and by incorporating all the parts described here we invented a novel flexible dry active electrode. In summary this invention consist on a novel dry active electrode that in combination with the electronics described uses an organic-inorganic hybrid as a skin to electrode interface material.

Innovative aspects & main advantages

The invention presents the followings advantages when comparing with technologies present in nowadays market:
New dry active flexible electro of hybrid material;
Has embed electronics;
Works in different frequency ranges;
It can be easily produced in different formats according with intended use;
Is effective even with low amplitude signals.


The technology can be used by the biomedical industry and by clinical diagnosis and monitoring industry.


Cunha, João; Carlos, Luis; Ribeiro, David

Our Inventors


Universidade de Aveiro
Instituto de Engenharia Electronica e Telemática de Aveiro
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