Joaquim Manuel Vieira
  Full professor  
  phone: 234 370 354  
  extension: 22 925  
  department: Materials and Ceramic Engineering  
  group: 2 - multifunctional ferroic ceramics and nanostructures
  line: 1 - information and communication technology
  direct url:  
Short CV
01/06/1999- : Ful Professsor of the University of Aveiro. 16/02/2002- :Vice-Director of CICECO-Center for Research in Ceramics and Composite Materials
Scientific Interests
Materials Science and Engineering. Subdomain of research: advanced ceramics, HTc superconductors, ceramic matrix composites and intermetallics. Domain of specialization: Processing of electronic and structural ceramics and composites, thin film development. Develops collaborative research in the fields of magnetoresistive and superconducting oxides, laser floating zone solification, aerosol assisted MOCVD, composites, high resolution electron microscopy, wear resistant materials.
Selected Publications
Carrasco, MF; Lopes, AB; Silva, RF; Vieira, JM; Costa, FM, Enhancement of Bi-2223 phase formation by electrical assisted laser floating zone technique, J. PHY. CHEM. SOLIDS, 67 (1-3): 416-418 (2006) Amaral, JS; Reis, MS; Amaral, VS; Mendonca, TM; Araujo, JP; Sa, MA; Tavares, PB; Vieira, JM, Magnetocaloric effect in Er- and Eu-substituted ferromagnetic La-Sr manganites, J. MAGN. MAGN. MATER., 290: 686-689 Part 1 Sp. Iss. SI APR (2005) Gao, MX; Oliveira, FJ; Pan, Y; Yang, L; Baptista, JL; Vieira, JM, Strength improvement and fracture mechanism in Fe40Al/TiC composites with high content of TiC, INTERMETALLICS, 13 (5): 460-466 (2005) Gao, MX; Pan, Y; Oliveria, FJ; Baptista, JL; Vieira, JM, Microstructural characteristics of NiAl/TiC composites with high TIC content prepared by pressureless melt infiltration, J. MATER. SCI., 39 (20): 6385-6387 ( 2004) Amaral, VS; Araujo, JP; Pogorelov, YG; Sousa, JB; Tavares, PB; Vieira, JM; Algarabel, PA; Ibarra, MR, Tricritical points in La-based ferromagnetic manganites, J. APPL. PHYS., 93 (10): 7646-7648 Part 3 (2003) Oliveira, FJ; Silva, RF; Vieira, JM, Improved wear resistance of Si3N4 tool inserts by addition of Al2O3 platelets, TRIBOLOGY INTERN., 36 (1): 57-60 (2003)