A dry active bio signal electrode with an hybrid organic-inorganic interface material

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Cunha, João; Carlos, Luis; Ribeiro, David

The invention presented here is an bio signal electrode that is characterized by the use of an organic-inorganic sol gel derived hybrid skin to electrode interface material. Furthermore the incorporation of a buffering and signal processing circuit on a flexible PCB makes this electrode less prone to fluctuating skin to electrode interf...

A dry active electrode for bio-potential monitoring

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Barbosa, Mário; Sá, Joaquim; Fonseca, José; Ferreira, Victor; Salvado, Isabel; Martins, Rui; Cunha, João; Silva, António

The present invention relates to a novel dry active type electrode to capture bio-potentials when placed in contact with the skin. The device is specially prepared for the capture of electroencephalographic signals, although it can also be used to capture other bio-electrical signals, including electrocardiographic signals (EKG) or elec...

Diamond flat thermistors

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Oliveira, Filipe; Silva, Rui; Neto, Miguel

Manufacturing process of NTC (negative temperature coefficient) flat thermistors consisting of diamond films deposited on sintered ceramic substrates. These devices comprise a temperature sensitive diamond surface on one side of the substrate and metallic carbide ohmic contacts on the other. The process has the advantage of using a sing...

Ion-selective solid contact microelectrode and its production method

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Ferreira, Mário; Zheludkevich, Mikhail; Lamaka, Sviatlana

The presented invention relates to a needle-shaped ion-selective solid contact microelectrode with the length of the measuring point preferably but not limited to equal or less than 10 micron, particularly 0.5 - 10 micron, a method for producing such an electrode and use of an ion-selective solid contact microelectrode as a working elec...

Luminescent organic/inorganic matrix, method for the production thereof and luminescent molecular thermometer based on said matrix

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Palacio, Fernando; Escolano, Angel; Silva, Nuno; Carlos, Luis ; Amaral, Vitor; Lima, Patricia; Brites, Carlos

Luminescent organic/inorganic matrix that contains tris(beta-diketonate) complexes of cations of two different lanthanides (europium and terbium). Optionally, the matrix comprises coated magnetic iron-oxide nanoparticles. The matrix may be composed of inorganic polymers based on siloxane that are derivatized with organic groups (for exa...

Alumina-based materials obtained by sintering of sludge generated from aluminium anodizing and lacquering processes

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Batista, João; Boia, Cristina; Pereira, Maria;

The present invention relates to obtaining alumina-based powder or consolidated refractory bodies, processed from sludge generated in Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) of surface treatment, anodizing and aluminum lacquering industries.Proper operation and monitoring of WWTP ensures properties reasonable consistency, in term...

Bioactive glass compositions, their aplications and respective prepration methods

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Ferreira, José; Goel, Ashutosh;

The present invention relates to development of set of bioactive glasses and glass- ceramics compositions that are able to promote a fast deposition layer of carbonated hydroxyapatite upon immersion in simulated body fluid (SBF) for time periods as short as one hour. Such compositions might include fluorides, and a variety of oxides (or...

Ceramics produced from solid waste incineration bottom ash

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Fernandes, Maria; Monteiro, Regina; Davim, Erika ; Figueiredo, Carlos; Lopes, Marco;

The present invention relates to the production of ceramic materials by using (25-100%) bottom ash obtained from the incineration of solid waste (SW), preferably municipal solid waste (MSW), having application in the construction industry and/or as utility ceramics. While in the manufacture of conventional ceramics for the same applicat...

Conversion films based on lamellar double-hydroxides for active protection against corrosion

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Ferreira, Mário; Tedim, João; Zheludkevich, Mikhail

The present invention relates to conversion films based on lamellar double hydroxides (LDHs), which are obtained by means of a simple hydrothermal process. Depending on the process conditions used and on the substrates used, micrometric differentiation of film morphology may be achieved. The films obtained for the first time exhibit the...

Inorganic pigments based on hibonite structure, synthesis and usages

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Batista, João; Ribeiro, Manuel; Costa, Maria;

The present invention relates to a blue inorganic pigment which is based on the structure of hibonite consisting of a calcium hexaluminate, with the simplified formula CaAl12O19. The synthesis of hibonite structure with chromophore ions incorporated in the crystal net (eg. Ni), by solid state reaction, partially replacing Al3+ cations, ...

Luminescent beryllium, magnesium, calcium, strontium or barium aluminate nanotubes doped with cerium (III) and co-doped with other lanthanide ions M(1-x-y)N2O4: Cex, Lny

Materials InternationalNational

Zurba, Nadia

The present invention provides luminescent aluminate nanotubes doped with rare-earths, namely from the Lanthanide Series of Elements (Ln is La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Pm, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Yb, Tm and Lu), formula of which proves to be M(1-x-y) N2O4:Cex, Lny, where M comprises an alkaline-earth-metal cation consisting of Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, B...

Mixed ionic-ionic conductors, synthesis of such conductors for directional solidification and its usage

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Costa, Florinda; Silva, Rui; Figueiredo, Filipe; Carvalho, Ricardo;

The mixed ionic-ionic type conductors in this invention are eutectic ceramics represented by the formula (BaZr1-xMxO3-x/2)1-z (Zr1-yMyO2-y/2)z wherein M is at least one element selected from the group of rare earth elements (Y, Sc, Ga), Al and In, with 0.03 ≤ x ≤ 0.20 and 0.03 ≤ y ≤ 0.20, and z being such tha...

Modified cellulose pulps, a method of high pressure processing for preparing same and uses thereof

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Evtyugin, Dmitry; Saraiva, Jorge; Santos, Andreia

The present invention relates to a method for modifying the properties of cellulose pulps. Said method consists of modifying the properties of cellulose pulps by means of cold/hot processing with the application of high hydrostatic pressure (100-1000 MPa) at temperatures between 0-100 ºC for a time period of between 1-75 minute...

Nanomagnete-porphyrin hybrid materials, process for synthesis and application in water disinfection formulations

Materials National

Cavaleiro, José ; Tome, Augusto ; Tome, João ; Rocha, João; Lin, Zhi; Carvalho, Carla ; Costa, Liliana ; Alves, Eliana ; Cunha, Maria ; Faustino, Maria ; Neves, Maria ; Rainho, José;

The present invention relates to the synthesis of new nanomagnet-porphyrin hybrid materials of general formula (I) and their use for photoinactivation of microorganisms existing in contaminated waters. The process used for the synthesis of these hybrid materials involves immobilization, through covalent bonding, of meso-tetraarylporphyr...

Porous materials for bone regeneration, processing and uses

Materials National

Fernandes, Maria; Senos, Ana; Davim, Erika

The present invention refers to a type of porous support (or scaffold) made from a biocompatible glass exhibiting in vitro bioactivity that contains calcium phosphate, silica and network modifiers, such as MgO, K2O, Na2O, or B2O

Silicon-phosphorus-calcium glass with high magnesium content for biomedical applications

Materials National

Fernandes, Maria; Correia, Rui; Oliveira, José

The present invention relates to the process for obtaining a silicon-phosphorus-calcium glass with high magnesium content for biomedical applications, which is a two-phase glass with composition (wt%) 30,00% SiO2: 30,00% CaO: 22,75% P2O5: 17,25% MgO. This material has potential applications in dentistry and as a bone substitute for fill...

Tunable dielectric composite and method for the production thereof

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Dielétrico compósito sintonizável e processo de fabrico

The present invention relates to composite dielectric materials with low dielectric losses and high tunability of the relative dielectric permittivity, in the form of thick films to be used and integrated in circuits, as passive components of tunable devices, for application at radio and microwave frequencies, and methods for the produc...

Alkaline activation of inert industrial wastes and clay by-products, process for their implementation and use in construction

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Batista, João; Ferreira, Victor; Pinto, Amândio; Tavares, Pedro

The present invention relates to articles for the building industry based on inert industrial waste, natural clays or clay by-products, obtained by alkaline activation method. In optimal conditions, bodies with adequate mechanical strength (30 MPa) and increased resistance to salt or acid attack are obtained. These products present a pe...

AlN Passivation method relatively to hydrolysis, of AlN based ceramics colloidal processing in aqueous medium, and granulation of powders from those suspensions

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Ferreira, José; Olhero, Susana; Oliveira, Marta

The present invention relates to methods of passivating the surface of aluminium nitride (AlN) particles against hydrolysis reactions that occur spontaneously when this material is placed in contact with water in the vapour state and, especially in liquid state, as well as to a method of preparation stable and highly concentrated AlN ba...

Aqueous processing of cordierite-based glass-ceramics substrates with low dielectric constant

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Ferreira, José; Sen, Mei

The present  invention relates to a method of manufacturing substrates for high packaging circuitry in microelectronics, consisting of cordierite-based glass-ceramic materials, characterized by having low values of dielectric constant and dielectric loss factor, from mixtures of cordierite powder and a borosilicate glass disper...