Thermal Analyses Laboratory


Three sets of thermal analysis equipment (DSC, DMA/DMTA e DSC/TG) have been selected and purchased, based on their nominal specifications and cost and also on a set of results of specific experimental tests that were required from the instrument manufacturers, which were objectively analysed and rated. After the arrival of the equipment items and a long wait for the ongoing construction of the building hosting the intended final laboratory, another laboratory had to be prepared and equipped to accelerate the installation of the new research infrastructures. With the direct participation of the project’s coordinator, users have been provided theoretical and practical training, and the instruments have already supported a significant range of research activities, with emphasis on those involving DSC and DMA, as the space limitations of the present laboratory (15 m2, with a width of only 2.5 m, vs. a square of 24 m2 in the future final laboratory after Sep/Oct) and the existence of another, though less performing, TGA instrument advised against the simultaneous current use of all three new instruments in the present last resort space.


Universidade de Aveiro (UA)





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