nanoestruturas e cerâmicos ferróicos multifuncionais


coordenador do grupo

Paula Ferreira


objectivos gerais

Preparation, study and development of materials, focusing on electric, magnetic and structural multifunctionalities. Group aims:       
- Develop electroceramics for electric, multiferroic and energy harvesting. Optimize lead-free piezoelectrics. Develop sustainable electroceramics and processes, on the complete value chain analysis;
- Understand magnetic properties and their interplay with structural and electronic correlations, studied to the nanoscale, including hyperfine methods;
 - Develop multifunctionality in ferroic materials, oxides, polymers, biomaterials, bulk metal alloys, thin films, heterostructures, nanoparticles;
- Develop nanoscale tools for studying functional properties of materials and for local modification and lithography via high-resolution Scanning Probe Microscopy;
- Develop solution and gas phase routes to nanostructured materials;
- Understand nanosize effects and nanotechnology aspects of ferroics.
Present and future selected research topics:    
- Materials optimization and model processes for magnetocaloric and electrocaloric heat-pumps and refrigerators;
- Formation of domains, topological networks and defects in ferroics and relaxors;
- Application of diamond quantum sensors in ultrasensitive magnetic and thermal mapping;
- Computational modelling of magnetic, magnetoelectric and electrocaloric systems, to develop technologically relevant materials and heterostructures (with G6);
- Study 1D, 2D ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials with novel biosensing and magnetoelectric interaction functionalities;
- Development of flash sintering, cold sintering and additive manufacturing;
- Polymers and ceramics processing for flexible electronics with improved performance;
- Development of biological micro-electromechanical systems and electrically functionalized platforms to stimulate tissue regeneration and cell recovery;
- Gas sensor optimization via structure and microstructure nanoscale design.


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