biorrefinarias, materiais biológicos e reciclagem


coordenador do grupo

Sónia Patrícia Marques Ventura


objectivos gerais

Contributing to the advent of a lignocellulose biorefinery through the development of sustainable processes for biomass valorization by its fractionation, and catalytic conversion into furanic platform chemicals, new biobased polymers and cellulose (nano)composite materials with synthetic/natural matrices; and the valorization of inorganic industrial wastes, in close collaboration with industry.

Emerging research fields in the group comprise:
-Novel biomass (agroforest and marine) fractionation and processing technologies, such as Ionic Liquids and Deep Eutectic Solvents (H2020: PROVIDES);
-Multifunctional catalytic materials for cascade conversion of biomass components;
-New approaches to prepare functional (nano)fibers based composite materials (e.g., using DES, 3D Printing and microfluidics);
-New methods to produce biomorphic and biomimetic ceramics from inorganic industrial wastes;
-New technologies for the recovery and recycling of noble metals and rare earths from e-waste.

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